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How to Hide Foot Tattoo

Are you planning to go to a place where tattoo is not allowed such as an interview, church, meeting person for the first time, and so on. And you just recently got this tattoo

How to Hide Scars, Spots, Marks and Blemishes on Your Feet

Summer is here again! More and more people have started putting on their scandals and flip-flops. You love to put on one too but could not because you are ashamed of the spots on

How to Turn Old Shoes Into New Shoes

We all wear shoes except those with certain conditions. Sometimes, our old shoes could actually look old probably due to neglect or lack of maintenance. Do you have shoes that look old and dirty

Health Tips for Great Feet This Summer

Summertime is the time when you may want to show off those lovely feet hiding in the socks and covered shoes due to the cold weather. This is the time many people put on

Useful Tips To keep Your Feet Clean And Healthy

The feet are an important part of the body. But often time we tend to neglect the feet, which is bad. When you care for your feet, it makes it look pretty and healthy.

Prevent Cold Feet with These Foot Warming Tips

There are different weather conditions all over the world. Sometimes the weather may become cold even when not in winter. In this case, it is important to protect the feet from the cold weather

How To Have Clean Feet At All Times

It is very important to care for the feet so as to prevent attack on the feet. We put our feet in some many places and as such expose them to danger. I will

Useful Steps You Must Follow Before Baring Your feet In Public

Are you ashamed of your feet? Do you feel so uncomfortable baring your feet in public? If yes, read on to find out how to confidently bare your feet in public. Take care of

How To Tell Visitors To Take Off Shoes In House Without Offending Them

When I was a child, I remember how my mum would yell at me to take off my shoes before entering the living room. She gets so serious about it especially after cleaning the
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