Athlete’s Foot: Can It Heal Without Treatment?

Some people are more susceptible to athlete’s foot than others. For those who are not susceptible, they may come in contact with the fungi and yet not be infected. While for those who are susceptible, they can get the disease by touching the affected area.

When athlete’s foot starts to develop on the skin, will it heal without treatment? This is exactly what will be looked into during the course of this write-up.Do athlete's foot heal without treatment
When athlete’s foot starts developing on the skin, there are usually signs and symptoms that usually manifested on the skin of the feet. these usually make you uncomfortable. You may decide not to treat the disease if you are comfortable or if the signs and symptoms do not bother you. However, there are some exceptions here. For those whose immune system is weakened and those who have diabetes, it is not advisable to leave athlete’s foot untreated as it may lead to serious problem for the patient.
About 30% of athlete’s foot cases usually go or heal on their own without medication or treatment. But untreated athlete’s foot can cause a spread of the disease to other parts of your body and even to other people.
Why would you want to leave your athlete’s foot untreated when there are many over the counter products prescription and nonprescription medication that can help to tackle the infection. The doctors are there to help you take care of that athlete’s foot. Sometimes what you think is athlete’s foot may not be athlete’s foot, but other skin disorders. In this case, the doctor may carry out tests to determine the true cause of the disease. I wrote a post on athlete’s foot treatment. You can read it to find out some of the possible treatment for athlete’s foot.

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