Foot Care For Dry Cracked Feet

Dry cracked feet is not what one would wish for. Wearing sandals becomes difficult because you don’t want people to see the embarrassing look on your feet. Apart from its embarrassing look, dry cracked feet can be painful.

If you are infected with dry cracked feet, never too worry as you can do something about it to get your feet into that smooth, soft skin, which will be free from pains and which you will want to show off. Below are some of the ways to get rid of dry cracked feet.

dry cracked feet

how to get rid of dry cracked feet

  • Exfoliate dead skin on the feet with pumice stone or foot file. Do this for about a minute and rinse feet with clean water. When exfoliating, concentrate on the part of the feet prone to cracks such as the heels and bottom or soles of your feet.
  • Soak feet in warm water for about 15 minutes. Make sure the water is not too hot so as not to cause damage to your feet. Add some quantity of Epsom salt, about half cup, to the water to help prevent inflammation. Add also some quantity or few drops of essential oil before dipping your feet into the water.
  • After soak, to prevent infection, wash your feet with antibacterial soap and pat gently dry. Alternatively is to rub antibacterial ointment on the feet especially the areas cracked.
  • Apply moisturizing cream on the feet when the feet are still damp. This will help to lock in moisture. Alternatively is to use petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the feet which work same way as moisturizing cream. In fact, it works more than some moisturizers.
  • After applying moisturizer, wear socks on the feet to ensure that moisture stays on the feet. It is advisable to do this at night so that you don’t have to go around with feet and socks full of petroleum jelly or Vaseline. In the morning, remove socks to see more different feet.
  • If you have humidifier and you don’t intend to put on socks or use the “socks method”, then sleep with the humidifier. This time, you are going to expose the feet so that it can absorb the water released by the humidifier.
  1. I experience dry cracked feet every summer. I hate it.

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